Local Natives
Greek Theatre | Los Angeles, CA

A year ago today I shot a show that is one of the biggest highlights when it comes to my work. I still talk about it like it was yesterday and continue to post these photos because everything about this one night means so much to me. It truly is what motivates me lately to continue shooting shows. Can’t wait to finally see my favorite band again soon (+ only a couple of days after finishing up at the art school I’m attending).


Photo Diary | FYF Fest 2014.

During FYF, I brought my camera and a few rolls of film to document my time there. From riding the metro to the festival and everything else that went on that weekend, I tried to shoot as much as I could with what I had. This is the end result. I’m happy with how it came out and hope to make more of these little photo diaries with whatever comes my way in the future. Enjoy!
xo, Nicole.

The Observatory | Santa Ana, California 

Having the opportunity to take photos of Warpaint’s show this past weekend is one I definitely will not forget. It’s bands like this one that always tend to leave me a bit more inspired and motivated to move forward with my work. These are by far some of my favorite photos I’ve been able to capture so far this year. With art it’s all about taking risks and I’m glad people are enjoying these photos since I’ve taken a little bit of a different approach with my work from this set.

You can view a full gallery of more photos on Into The Crowd as well as on my website (which also features a few extras). Enjoy!

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wolrabh: Your photos of Warpaint from The Observatory (08/09/2014) are STUNNING.

Thank you so much!


Acoustic Session | Dresses.

We met up with Dresses on the LA stop of the Nylon Music Tour presented by Wildfox to film an acoustic session. The duo performed two songs for us off of their debut album Sun Shy.

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image    image    image

Filmed + edited by Nicole Busch.


If I have any followers from Northern CA that can send me a list of recommendations on what city I should stay in next month (near San Francisco + Oakland) please let me know. I want to hear your thoughts.

Not photo related but I’ll be heading north next month and need help finding a city outside of SF / Oakland to stay in for a night. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Dresses | West Hollywood, CA.

I’m so happy to announce that I just finished filming the very first to our acoustic session series. I feel like we haven’t had too much music content on here so I’m looking forward to sharing this one. Bringing in old projects and starting fresh was a bit difficult at first, but with some help I had the opportunity to work with Dresses again before their show at the Roxy this evening. Our first session should be released in the next week or so keep an eye out for that. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this photo I shot of Timothy and Jared before they got ready for their show tonight.



Starting to put together my little print packages. Can’t wait to give these a new home!

** there’s still a few more photos left! So if you’re interested in owning some of my photos please contact me for more details.

Thank you everyone that has showed interest in owning some of these prints! I have less than ten prints left this time around with photos of Skaters, AFI, Real Friends, and Atlas Genius. I probably won’t be doing this again till a few months from now when I’ll be giving away another set of these. So if you saw a certain photo and it wasn’t available this time around just keep an eye out when I post about it later.

If you’ve emailed / messaged me about a print, I am hoping to be mailing them all out by this weekend. So if you haven’t yet please send your payment for shipping so your photo will be on it’s way!

Thank you for your continued support it means the world to me and I can’t wait to share more of my work with you as time goes on.




I had to get a ton of photos printed for one of my last few classes this quarter and some of them got printed twice. I don’t sell prints very often since the process of having a print store up just never really worked for me. I just want to be able to give my art to people that appreciate the work I put out. Instead of selling them, I’d like to give these all away. All you have to do is email or send me a message on here with which print you would like and a shipping address. All I ask is that you send me at least a dollar or two to cover the shipping (US only) or if you would like just pay whatever you want for the prints via PayPal. I only have one of each print available at the moment so whoever asks for each print first gets them. This is probably the one and only time I’ll be doing this, so if you’ve ever wanted a piece of my work now might be the only chance you’ll have for now. If you have any questions just let me know and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you!

Email / PayPal: nicolekbusch@gmail.com

**update // entire second photo set has been purchased! If anyone is interested in anything from the first photo let me know. And if you want to view larger versions of any of these they can be found at nicolebusch.com!

*** update #2 // paramore, citizen, modern baseball, and title fight photos are no longer available!

****update #3 // there’s only 11 photos left. photos of tokyo police club, local natives, the maine, and from indian lakes are no longer available.